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Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Solutions of Knoxville lawn care and landscaping in Knoxville, TN

Landscape Design and Installation

We can help with your landscape design and installation as much or as little as you desire. Have no idea where to start? Let us give you some ideas. Already know what you want? Great, let's get started! Get a free quote now!

Landscape Enhancements
Are you ready to refresh your landscaping and don't want to start from scratch? Maybe you recently saw an element you would like to include your landscaping. We can help you with your landscape enhancements. Get a free quote now!

Hardscapes are the paved and concrete structures within your landscaping, including walkways and retaining walls. Not only do they provide a non-destructive way to navigate your landscaping area but also they provide ways for us to erect landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to erosion. Ready to replace your concrete sidewalk with stone? Let Landscape Solutions help. Get a free quote now!

Landscape Lighting
Enjoy the beauty of your landscape day and night. Landscape lighting is important for aesthetics and safety. We can illuminate your landscape in a variety of ways. Get a free quote now!

Irrigation can increase the value of your property by keeping your lawn lush and green. Landscape Solutions offers home-line irrigation from installation to maintenance. Get a free quote now!

Sod Installation
Installing sod on your landscape can increase the value of your home or property, and it's important to know how to install sod properly to ensure a beautiful landscape. Let Landscape Solutions complete your sod installation. Get a free quote now!

Take more time to do what you want this year, and leave the landscaping to us!
We promise Landscape Solutions will grow on you and your lawn!

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