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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Solutions of Knoxville lawn care and landscaping in Knoxville, TN

Landscape Maintenance

Irrigation can increase the value of your property by keeping your lawn lush and green. Landscape Solutions offers home-line irrigation from installation to maintenance. Get a free quote now!

Mulch does more than add beauty to your landscape, mulch protects it. A 2- to 3-inch layer is recommended to hold moisture, restrict weed growth, and protect root systems from winter cold and summer heat. We offer several different colors to match your landscape. Get a free quote now!

Pinestraw recently became popular in East Tennessee as an alternative to mulch. It offers a more “natural” look to your landscape and is often easier on your budget. Get a free quote now!

Shrub Trimming
To keep a neat appearance, we recommend to trim shrubs and ornamental trees twice a year or more, if needed. This is not only essential for a manicured look but also allows us to inspect your landscape for any potential problems or disease. Get a free quote now!

Seasonal Color
An annual flower rotation adds beautiful color and variety to your landscape all season long. Let Landscape Solutions update your landscaping. Get a free quote now!

Weed Removal
Landscape Solutions offers a service to rid your flowerbeds of weeds by hand. We find that hand-weeded beds look cleaner because this removes the entire weed, leaving your bed looking the way it should. Get a free quote now!

Monthly Landscaping Maintenance Program
While landscapes don’t always need full service, sometimes they could use a refreshing weed removal treatment or shrub trimming. With this in mind, Landscape Solutions will spend one hour each month preserving your landscape so that you can simply enjoy your view between full maintenance services. Get a free quote now!

Take more time to do what you want this year, and leave the landscaping to us.
We promise Landscape Solutions will grow on you and your lawn!

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